What we are
Altivia Aviation Academy is pilot training academy which has been founded in recent years by the group of Commercial Pilots  to guide the pilot aspirants in aviation sector and to train them for any position from the ground to the flight deck. Altivia Aviation Academy is affiliated with world’s most recognized training institutes for Flight Training and Type Rating  at USA, Europe & New Zealand which are recognized by DGCA, Govt. of India, where the training meets I.C.A.O.'s international flight training requirements.. Also the Altivia Aviation Academy keeps a progressive update of the training schedule for each and every student being promoted by us.

The instructors at these flight training schools are carefully screened to ensure a staff of fully licensed, experienced professionals. They are continually evaluated to maintain high levels of teaching effectiveness, with closer attention to the students' individual learning and motivational needs. Professional who are Ex-Indian Air Force and Commercial Pilots of major Airlines , all highly qualified to give both flight and ground instruction, are on our panel to provide the best in aeronautical education. 

Altivia Aviation Academy does more than prepare you for a career in aviation — it provides you with a professional partner and the experiences you need to succeed.

If you are looking to become an Airline Pilot then look no further. We welcome students from all countries. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.